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The Growth Book

The Most Powerful Growth Playbook For Early Stage Founders & Digital Entrepreneurs.

People always say:

"Your first $100,000 is the hardest."

So I decided to write a book that makes it a heck of a lot easier.

The Growth Book contains step-by-step growth strategies to help you break past the $100K hurdle and scale to the moon. 🚀

Who is this for?

The Growth Book is for you IF you are trying to make your first dollar on the internet 👇🏻

The Growth Book is for you IF you are trying to scale past $100,000/year 👇🏻

These are the same growth strategies that I have used in my own businesses and  that I have used to help hundreds of my clients and students scale past the "challenging" $100,000 benchmark.

And the best part? Every strategy outlined in this book can be done for less than $250.

❗️ NOTE: If you are looking for another "guru" to show you how to make millions of dollars in "30 days or less!" or looking for magic bullets that require no effort, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.

But, if you're looking to grow your your online business, take real action to get things done and willing to put in the hours of effort it takes to make your dream a reality, KEEP READING.

Let's Get Started.

To understand scalable growth strategies you have to understand the broader "digital marketing" basics.

When it comes to online marketing, there are 3 essential elements to making money:

Have a product or service people need (offer)

Get your target customers to see your offer (traffic)

Convince them to pay you for your value (conversions)

In The Growth Book, you will learn how to position your product/service properly for your market, how to reach your perfect customer no matter what channels you use, how to structure a highly effective traffic campaign, and how to convert potential leads into loyal customers.

You might not have any experience running ads, creating content, or even know the first thing about digital marketing...

That is NO problem. My goal with this book was to create actionable steps that are simple and easy to follow.

The content of this book was made to appeal to people with no previous knowledge. It covers strategies, tactics, tools, and in-depth walkthroughs that are easy to understand and follow.

So now that you understand the growth game...

Here's exactly what I cover in The Growth Book:

>> Customer Avatar Secrets

✅ How To Identify Your Perfect Customer

✅ How To Find Paying Users Online

✅ How To Create A Powerful Sales Funnel

>> Cold Outreach Strategies:

✅  How To Find & Acquire High Quality Leads

✅  How To Write Compelling Outreach Copy

✅  How To Get Prospects To Respond 70% of The Time

>> Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Advertising:

✅  How To Set Up Proper Facebook/Instagram Ad Campaigns

✅  How To Maximize Twitter's Ad Platform

✅  How To Use Different Ad Creatives

>> Google & YouTube Advertising

✅  Best Types of Content To Use In Your Campaigns

✅  How To "Hack" The Youtube Algorithm

✅  How To Set Up The Right Campaign Structure

Why Only $49?

My mission is to help more early stage entrepreneurs live a life they LOVE. I got tired of endless gurus and "experts" trying to sell vulnerable entrepreneurs courses that cost thousands of dollars.

They taught concepts and theories, but didn't show you step by step how to get the results you are actively striving for.

A high price to learn the business just means more people won't start it. 

I'm here to change that.

I want The Growth Book to be the best starting point for every entrepreneur looking to grow their business.

Oh, one last thing.

If you don't LOVE IT, I will give you a 100% refund.

Yes, really.

If you find that you have learned absolutely nothing after going through the entire book, then I will gladly refund your whole purchase.

Have questions?

Shoot me a message on Twitter @ImSamThompson.

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  • The Ultimate Growth Playbook For Early Stage Entrepreneurs
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The Growth Book

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